Help clean up the St. Croix

4th Grade D.I Team

litter in the st.croix

Who we are

We are forth graders who need help keeping the St. Croix clean.

Why we are

You may ask why do we pick trash up at the river when it “looks” so clean. Another question you may ask is why think of it in the first place. If you click on the button that says “why we care” it will tell you.

Where you are

This site will tell you everything that we are doing to keep the St. Croix clean.

Thank you

Thanks a Our D.I team is so thankful  with all of our achievements. We hope that we make it to state on saturday March 10, 2018. We also hope some of you saw us in the Hudson Star Observer.Thank you so much  for all of your support and hope that will help with regionals. we would like to say thank

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Why we need you

here is some videos that explain why we need you and why litter is such a big problem in our community.

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Good and bad things to see when you are at the river

There is so many things to see in Hudson at the park and the St. Croix but there is some things you don’t want to see. Like this dirty sock we found laying in the snow.